Web Banners

The purpose of these web banners is to promote two nonprofit organizations, Americans Helping America (AHA) and Native Hawaiian Pacific Islanders (NHPI).

AHA web Banner

slider image showing hands and united states silhouette

Besides functioning as a slider image, this graphic was also used as a web banner on an AHA website that I helped my project manager design in Adobe Muse. Unfortunately, the website has been taken down, so all I can do is show you a screenshot of the banner on the website. The project manager asked me to change the background of the banner to a darker shade of blue.

screenshot showing banner in website


NHPI Banners

These are some banners that I designed for the NHPI website. My project manager did not have specific requirements for them, and he wanted me to try a variety of styles for these banners.

Photo Background Banners


web banner with ocean view and NHPI logo


NHPI website banner with palm trees and ocean background


Vector Illustration Banner

I designed this banner using Adobe Illustrator.

vector illustration of a beach scene


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