The following are logos that I created when I worked for Americans Helping America (AHA).

AHA Logo Redesign

Initial Designs

various AHA logos

Final Design


Community independent business owner (CIBO) logo redesign

The second logo that I redesigned was the one for CIBO. I designed the following two logos for the Media Manager. He requested that the logos look “corporate” and have a globe as part of the design. He also wanted the logo to hint at the fact that CIBO is geared toward serving American businesses, so I included a silhouette of North America in one of the logos and and a silhouette of the United States in the other one.

two CIBO logos

Native Hawaiian Pacific Islanders (NHPI) Logo Redesign

The CEO of NHPI had specific requirements about what he wanted in the logo:

  • Include a royal blue and white globe in the logo
  • Include the full name of NHPI as the text of the logo to avoid confusion with another company he discovered also uses NHPI as an acronym for its name
  • Add a swoosh underneath the globe
  • Try to place the globe behind the text
  • Break the name into three lines: Native Hawaiian / Pacific Islanders / Chamber of Commerce. The first line should have the largest font size, the second line should be slightly smaller than the first line, and the last line should be the smallest. The first and third lines should be royal blue, while the second line should be black.
  • Some fonts he had in mind to use for the logo included Edwardian Script for the first line and Times New Roman for the other two lines.

This is the first version of the logo that I designed for the CEO:

redesigned NHPI logo

A short time later, he asked me to tweak the design. Here is the second version:


Health For All Logo

This was an unfinished project for Health for All, a nonprofit organization that provides healthcare and social services for low-income families here in Sacramento. It also provides adult daycare services. At the time that I worked on this project, the logo on Health for All’s website was a fuzzy yellow ball that I think was supposed to be a shining sun. I designed a few logos for Health for All, but it was difficult to redesign this logo because I was not given much direction about color scheme or content. The following is the design that I liked the best. It kept an element of the shining sun, but it also showed that Health for All served people of all ages and walks of life.

Health For All logo


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