CMUA Annual Conference Project

CMUA was very pleased with the graphic design work that I did for their Capitol Day 2016 project, so the Director for Communications invited me to work on a second project. This project involved designing print materials for CMUA’s annual conference. This year the conference was a three-day event in San Francisco.

This project mainly showcases my layout and typography skills. The Director for Communications and other CMUA staff members provided most of the design ideas.

Promotional Flyer

The conference began with a golf tournament on Sunday, April 10. The Director for Communications put together a mockup of the flyer in PowerPoint, and I reproduced his design concept in Adobe InDesign.


Conference Brochure

This part of the project took up the most time and energy to complete, especially the front cover. A lot of group collaboration resulted in a lot of drafts of the front cover, but none of them seemed to effectively capture the theme for this year’s convention, which was “Leading Transformation.” The days were passing, and the project deadline was looming closer. Finally, we settled on a San Francisco scene for the front cover because San Francisco was the location of the conference, and the Director for Communications decided to use a purchased template for the brochure.

The brochure ended up being 16 pages long. Here are some pages from the brochure:

award Posters

Every year, CMUA holds a contest for its members. They are invited to submit projects for one of the following nine categories:

  1. Best Water Program – Small Water Agency
  2. Best Water Program – Medium Water Agency
  3. Best Water Program – Large Water Agency
  4. Best Energy Program – Small Utility
  5. Best Energy Program – Medium Utility
  6. Best Energy Program – Large Utility
  7. Best Community Service Program – Small Utility
  8. Best Community Service Program – Medium Utility
  9. Best Community Service Program – Large Utility

This year, there were only eight award winners. My job was to design a 24 inch by 36 inch poster for each winner.

poster Content

The content for the award posters consisted of the following:

  • Award category
  • Award winner name
  • Project name
  • Description of the problem (challenge) addressed by the project
  • Solution provided by the project
Poster Template

The template that I designed for the award posters includes elements of the brochure template design:

  • Same background with blue color scheme
  • Same fonts used in the brochure
  • Dotted line decorations that were also part of the template

Once again, the Director for Communications provided me with PowerPoint mockups so that I would know what text and photos should be included in the posters.

Here are the final posters:

The Director for Communications was kind enough to photograph most of the actual physical posters for me.



CMUA Capitol Day 2016 Project

My latest graphic design project was to design meeting materials for the California Municipal Utility Association (CMUA). Every year, CMUA holds an event called Capitol Day, and the Director for Communications hired me to redesign meeting materials for this year’s event. The meeting materials include the following documents:

  1. Schedule of Events
  2. Speaker Bios
  3. How to Lobby
  4. What Is a Publicly Owned Utility?
  5. CMUA Bills with Positions
  6. Energy Efficiency
  7. Net Energy Metering
  8. Water Financing
  9. Water Sustainability

All of these documents would be placed together in a folder and given to CMUA members during the event.


  • The documents should be letter size (8 1/2″ x 11″).
  • While the CMUA staff were open to changes in the color scheme, they preferred that the design should contain some shade of blue because blue appeared in previous Capitol Day documents.
  • There should be a footer for the second page of a two-page document.


I created 3 initial design concepts that would serve as templates for the schedule of events and other documents.


For the final documents, the Director for Communications selected the second of the three initial designs that I created for this project. After making some minor color and layout changes requested by the Director for Communications, I used this design for the final layout of the meeting materials. Most of the content was supplied by the CMUA staff. However, I provided the images and graphics for the “How to Lobby” document.

Schedule of EventsSchedule of Events document

Speaker Bios

I arranged the speaker bios in the order they appeared on the schedule of events. One speaker listed in the schedule was a last-minute addition and was not included in this document.

Speaker Bios document

How to Lobby


What Is a Publicly Owned Utility?



 Energy efficiency handout

Net Energy Metering Handout

Water Financing Handout

Water Sustainability Handout


Infographic about Social Media Graphics

This is the latest project that I completed for Free For Charity. It is an infographic that presents the dimensions of several social media profile images and background/cover photos. It also features the social media background/cover photo that I designed for Free For Charity (the logo was designed by another graphic designer).


This is a large graphic that is supposed to fill up a computer screen and will probably require someone to scroll down the screen to see all of it. I have included some close-up shots so that you can see parts of the infographic in more detail.

a closer view of Social Media Infographic

1st part of infographic (Generic Logo)
closeup shot of top part of social media infographic
Closeup shot of the top part of the graphic showing how a logo can serve as the profile image for various social media accounts
2nd part of infographic (Free For Charity Logo Case Study)
another closeup view of social media infographic
Closeup view of social media infographic showing social media graphics I designed for Free for Charity

Free For Charity Social Media Branding Project

Free For Charity needed some graphics for its various social media accounts: Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

The Free For Charity logo worked well as the profile image for the social media accounts, so my client and I thought it would be best to leave it as it is.

We focused on the design of the cover and background photos.

First Drafts

At first, I wanted to design cover and background photos that echoed the geometric design of the Free For Charity logo. I also planned to design different graphics for each different account.





Final Version

However, after looking at the first round of cover and background photos that I designed, my client decided on one image that would be used for all the Free For Charity social media accounts. As you can see, it is a revised version of the last graphic that I posted in the previous section.


Live View

Here is how this image looks online in Free For Charity’s social media accounts:

Free For Charity Facebook Page


Free For Charity Twitter Page


Free For Charity YouTube Channel


Free For Charity Google Plus Page


Free For Charity LinkedIn Nonprofit Page


Free For Charity Poster

Recently, I began doing some volunteer work for a nonprofit organization called Free For Charity. Free For Charity assists small nonprofit organizations with technological assistance and free training in technology and business skills. This is a work in progress. It is the latest draft of a poster designed to encourage college students enrolled in IT programs to become volunteer IT project managers for Free For Charity. It has pull tabs with contact information that people can tear off and take with them.

Required poster elements

  • Must be letter size (8 1/2″ x 11″)
  • Must include content provided by my supervisor
  • Contact information should stand out

Color scheme and design process

My supervisor was open about color scheme and design, so I decided to create a poster that incorporated the color scheme of the logo. I also tried to include a graphic that reflected a technology theme because that is the main emphasis of Free For Charity.



Here is the final version of this poster as well as a version without pull tabs. The only major change was a slight change to the organization name.

Final Pull Tab Poster



Final Poster without Pull Tabs



Social Media Graphics

I designed some social media graphics for Americans Helping America (AHA). I did not want to go overboard with America-themed graphics, so I used a mostly blue color scheme.  In addition, I followed the specific size guidelines required for Facebook and Twitter header/cover photos and profile photos as well as YouTube channel art.


Facebook Cover Photo

AHA Facebook Cover Photo


Facebook Profile Photo

Instead of using a picture for the profile photo, I designed a graphic that incorporates the Americans Helping America (AHA) logo, which I recently redesigned.

AHA Facebook Profile Graphic


Twitter Header Photo

AHA Twitter Header Photo

Twitter Profile Photo

Like the Facebook profile photo, the Twitter profile photo is another branding opportunity that incorporates the AHA logo.

AHA Twitter Profile Graphic


YouTube Channel Art

AHA Chamber of Commerce YouTube Channel Art

YouTube Channel Icon

AHA YouTube Channel Icon

NHPI Website Banners (Photo Backgrounds)

I tried to continue the Hawaiian or tropical theme in the website banners for the NHPI website. Here are some banners with the NHPI logo and tropical photo backgrounds:


web banner with ocean view and NHPI logo


NHPI website banner with palm trees and ocean background


The following is an example of one of the website banners on the old NHPI website so that you can have a “before and after” look at the NHPI website banners: