CMUA Capitol Day 2016 Project

My latest graphic design project was to design meeting materials for the California Municipal Utility Association (CMUA). Every year, CMUA holds an event called Capitol Day, and the Director for Communications hired me to redesign meeting materials for this year’s event. The meeting materials include the following documents:

  1. Schedule of Events
  2. Speaker Bios
  3. How to Lobby
  4. What Is a Publicly Owned Utility?
  5. CMUA Bills with Positions
  6. Energy Efficiency
  7. Net Energy Metering
  8. Water Financing
  9. Water Sustainability

All of these documents would be placed together in a folder and given to CMUA members during the event.


  • The documents should be letter size (8 1/2″ x 11″).
  • While the CMUA staff were open to changes in the color scheme, they preferred that the design should contain some shade of blue because blue appeared in previous Capitol Day documents.
  • There should be a footer for the second page of a two-page document.


I created 3 initial design concepts that would serve as templates for the schedule of events and other documents.


For the final documents, the Director for Communications selected the second of the three initial designs that I created for this project. After making some minor color and layout changes requested by the Director for Communications, I used this design for the final layout of the meeting materials. Most of the content was supplied by the CMUA staff. However, I provided the images and graphics for the “How to Lobby” document.

Schedule of EventsSchedule of Events document

Speaker Bios

I arranged the speaker bios in the order they appeared on the schedule of events. One speaker listed in the schedule was a last-minute addition and was not included in this document.

Speaker Bios document

How to Lobby


What Is a Publicly Owned Utility?



 Energy efficiency handout

Net Energy Metering Handout

Water Financing Handout

Water Sustainability Handout



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