Adult Illiteracy in America Infographic

This is another infographic about illiteracy in America that I created at work. I was surprised by the number of American adults who struggle with reading.


Infographic about adult illiteracy in America containing the fact that 50% of American adults cannot read at an 8th grade level


3 thoughts on “Adult Illiteracy in America Infographic

  1. After decades of social promotion in our schools—passing kids along to the next grade even if they haven’t learned the required skills and haven’t acquired the requisite knowledge of the grade they’re in—it’s not surprising that we have widespread illiteracy and innumeracy.

    1. Yes, you make an excellent point. Now that I think about it, I do remember some teachers I know talking about social promotion of students at the high school level. Some high school students end up taking several remedial classes while they are passed along to the next grade. It is sad how low our educational standards have fallen over the past few decades.

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