NHPI Logo Redesign

Native Hawaiian Pacific Islanders Chamber of Commerce (NHPI) is a branch of the nonprofit organization that I work for. Its main focus is to provide immigration and education services to diverse minority communities, especially Native Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders. The new CEO of NHPI asked me to redesign the organization logo.

Requirements for the New NHPI Logo

He had some specific ideas about what he wanted incorporated into the new NHPI logo:

  • Include a royal blue and white globe in the logo
  • Include the full name of NHPI as the text of the logo to avoid confusion with another company he discovered also uses NHPI as an acronym for its name
  • Add a swoosh underneath the globe
  • Try to place the globe behind the text
  • Break the name into three lines: Native Hawaiian / Pacific Islanders / Chamber of Commerce. The first line should have the largest font size, the second line should be slightly smaller than the first line, and the last line should be the smallest. The first and third lines should be royal blue, while the second line should be black.
  • Some fonts he had in mind to use for the logo included Edwardian Script for the first line and Times New Roman for the other two lines.

He gave me some leeway to experiment with different layouts and variations to the logo elements. Initially, he wanted to see what the logo would look like with two globe and two different world map projections. In the end, however, he liked the globe with the grid the best. Placing the globe behind the text made it too difficult to see the text, so he said it was okay for me to place the full name of NHPI to the right of the globe. I played around with the swoosh, and it ended up becoming two waves.  Here is the final result:


New NHPI Logo

new NHPI logo


He liked the clean minimalist look of the logo, and he plans to have this logo blown up into a large vinyl window sign to replace the sign with the old NHPI logo. Before I go, I would like to show you two of several different versions of the old NHPI logo so that you can compare them to the new redesigned logo.


Old NHPI Logos

old-nhpi-logo                   old NHPI logo version 2




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