Cartoon Sketch with Bobble Head

Recently I completed this project for M Tech, a company located in Boise, ID. My client asked me to convert a cartoon sketch into a vector illustration. I had to make three changes to the vector illustration: add in a different belt, add in a different necklace, and replace the cartoon head with a bobble head that was from a photograph. During the revision process, my client also asked me to give the bobble head a “Rachel from Friends” type of hairstyle. Here is the end result:



Cartoon sketch provided by client                                Photo used for bobble head  

finalbeforeillustrator-opt Fav_Photo_Rachel_2011-opt                                            


2 thoughts on “Cartoon Sketch with Bobble Head

    1. I appreciate that you enjoyed my bobble head cartoon, but I am sorry that I am not available to make one for you. I recently found steady work as a graphic designer and a webmaster assistant and have some other things that I need to do, so I do not have the time and energy to take on additional projects. Once again, thank you for your interest in my work. 🙂

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